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I finally got around to working out a pattern for these mason jar covers.  This is my first crochet pattern, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll try to help as best I can.  Also, I feel it necessary to point out that you should used caution when using them with real candles.  Make sure that you make your ties long enough, so as not to burn doorknobs or your house down!  If in doubt, I strongly suggest battery operated candles.

If this pattern proves too difficult, or you don’t crochet, I can make them to order (just send me a message)

Mason Jar Cover, Crochet Pattern

Using 4MM crochet hook and sport weight cotton yarn.

Round 1.  Chain 4.  Work 12 DC in 4th chain from hook.  Sl St in top of beginning ch3 joining to beginning of round (12)

Round 2.  Ch-3.  2 DC in each DC around Sl St on top of beginning Ch3.  (24)

Round 3.  Ch-3.  2 DC in each DC around Sl St on top of beginning Ch3. (48)

Round 4.  1SC in first DC, chain 5, skip 3 stitches, 1SC.  Repeat to end.  Sl  St in last stitch.

Round 5.  Ch3, DC in same stitch, Ch1, 2DC in same stitch (this creates the shell).  SC in first CH5 loop.  CH5, SC in next CH5 loop, work shell) continue until you reach the beginning of the first shell.  On final SC going into the last CH5 loop, grab the corner of the first shell and combine it into that stitch.  You should have a uniform circle of the same stitches all around.

Round 6.  Sl St one over to get to center point of shell (the CH1 stitch in the middle).  Ch5 then SC into first CH5 loop, Ch5 then SC into CH1 center of shell.  Continue ending in the CH1 of the first shell.

Repeat Round 5 and Round 6 to desired height, ending on Round 5.

Add ties to sides.  Enjoy!

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